London’s Regents Canal on a rainy winters day.

 About the Blog

I started this blog in November 2018, at a time when I had fallen out of love with London. I was constantly feeling tired, uninspired and overwhelmed with choices and opinions.

This City Thing started as a way to rekindle my love for city living and London. I wanted my mojo back, the excitement I felt years ago when I moved here and thought anything was possible. I wanted the magic back!

As soon as I started writing on the blog, I realised that I was craving change. I noticed how I had completely lost myself to stuff, things, opinions and mindless activities. I had lost my way a bit.

I started noticing how all this made me feel. The constant ‘want’ for new, the mild panic at new (constant) information and the annoyance at clutter.

Slowly, I have started spending less time shopping and trawling the internet. I am focusing (more) on listening to my body and intuition… and so , just like that I have started my journey into less, or more as I like to think… more quality time, things and people in my life and less clutter.

I am loving this journey but it also has its frustrations. My past habits and views sit ill at ease with where I am heading. How does it all fit together and how am I going to make sense of it all!

It dawned on me that I may not be the only one who is battling this need for less in a world that demands we need more!

So I have decided to highlight the beauty of less and ways of getting there, without losing the exciting and the cool of living in one of the best cities in the world.

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