About the Blog

I love London! Most of the time…I love the buzz of the city, the people, shops and restaurants. That feeling when you get a seat for the entire commute, the most beautiful blue sky in winter, the sunrise/sunset that feels like a million bucks. Its walking on the canal, in Autumn, and finding a coffee shop away from the crowds. Hot summer days in the park and winter pub evenings. Its knowing that here anything is possible and on these days, it feels like it too.

Then!! you have days, where everything seems too much, it’s rainy, cold and grey. You are damp when reach the office (again). Everyone seems to be rushing somewhere and the city feels angry. It’s the missed train, the long wait, where no one smiles or looks at you. The days where you feel, lonely and sad, and wonder whether it’s worth it!

And this blog, is for those angry and sad days. The days where you need inspiration, a virtual hug… to know that you are not alone.

So chill and relax. Read and be inspired.