Commuting like a pro

Commuting like a pro

Public Transport. At rush hour. Aaaaarg. Double Aaaaarg!!

Today we are talking, coping strategies and multi tasking, during rush hour. Making the most of the daily torture and making it better.

First things first:

  • Journey options.

What?? I hear you say. Bear with me…you need this for days when transport’s running late, trains are faulty, tube strikes and weather changes (Yes TFL I am looking at you). Find out what the options are and trial them before disaster strikes. I have definitely got my back up journeys tried and tested. Say NO to chaos and YES to calm and control!


Lets get going

  • Your phone (what did people before!!!).

    • Download music and podcasts. Great when you have no space and need an escape from the sweaty, stinky stranger squashed next to you . A good podcast will literally make the worst journey better ( Serial, My Dad Wrote a Porno, The High Low…)(Download now!)

    • Create ‘To Do’ lists and reminders. Use this time to get organised. (I use Androminder which is basic but great. A lifesaver on so many occasions!! (reminders, meal planning, shopping lists, appointments, meetings, social events and get togethers). What apps do you use for this? Comment below.

    • Deleting photos. Especially good for days when your are very tired and potentially hungover (I love this early morning).

    • Online Grocery Shopping. Download the app. Get clicking. Groceries have never been this easy!

    • Meditation Apps. On days where you can get a seat, give meditation a go. Choose a track that is slightly shorter than your journey and viola; inner calm activated. Great first thing in the morning, before a stressful day.

    • Message/Email friends. Use this time to stay connected. I do this in the morning and will often get to work with lots messages, which always puts me in a good mood!

  • Reading

I got myself a Kindle and for the longest time, used my commute exclusively for all reading. The only problem with this, a great book will lead to missed stops (this cannot just be me!!).

  • Studying.

    No distractions. The longer your commute, the more you can get done. Hello reading and essay prepping! This is especially good on days when you get a seat and/or have a bit more space.

  • Exercise

    Tube journeys can get a bit boring, so shake it up by doing a bit of walking, cycling and running. I cycle and walk parts of my journey home and always feel more refreshed and less haggard on the days I slot it in. Great for unwinding and de-stressing.

The gadget

  • Noise cancelling headphones.

    Life changing (no this is not an exaggeration). If you do not have a pair. Just get them. It kills the background noise and instantly makes you feel calmer. I now start to panic if I don’t have them!! (also great for noisy offices and flights)

What are your tried and tested commuter tips? What works and what does not? Leave a comment!

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