6 Easy Steps To Your Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

6 Easy Steps To Your Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

Are you thinking about a capsule wardrobe and not sure where to start?

Creating a capsule can be quite overwhelming, when your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes and accessories.

What really worked for me was simplifying the process, giving my choices real thought and only then making my selection.

Once you have made your choices, schedule a couple of hours to unpack, edit and repack your wardrobe. I promise the end result will be worth it!

6 Easy Steps To Your Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

6 Easy Steps To Your Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

I advise spending a few days focusing on steps 1-4. Get this in place and the last two steps will be a breeze!

1 Storage

This may not be an issue if you have lots of space, but if you live in a city, this can be problematic.

I found Muji a great place to shop for storage solutions, as they have a range of options and sizes which means you are able to tailor these solutions to your storage needs. I now have the most organised wardrobe!

2 The magic number

How many items should you choose? Typically choices range from 20 to 50 items. These include: clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves and hats. The list excludes exercise gear and underwear!

I chose 40 items. Why? I like the mix of clothing, colours and accessories. I also feel l won’t get bored with my selection over the next three months -hopefully.

Choose a number that suits you!

3 Practicalities

Choose clothing to suit the season. In London, we are now in Autumn and the temperatures will only be dropping. So, I have included: warmer tops, a coat and boots. I don’t need these items now, but in a month I might!

Choose items suited to your life and activities. I walk a lot and work from home. My choices reflect this as I have chosen mostly casual clothing items, with a few items to make these more dressy.

Get an the right ratio of clothing, shoes and accessories. I have chosen 29 items of clothing, 6 pairs of shoes, 3 bags and 2 pashmina’s.

4 Building Blocks

Otherwise known as the foundations of your capsule wardrobe. These are the basics around which all your choices will be made.


2/3 Base colours. These will be your main colours. Make sure to choose colours that go together, to increase outfit possibilities. I chose black, white and grey as my base colours.

1/2 Patterns and an accent colour. I chose two patterns (in my base colours) and a pop of cherry red.

4/5 Items of clothing. I chose jeans, skirts and a coat. The rest of my clothing is selected to go with these items to create different outfits.

5 The messy bit

Get all your clothes out of the cupboard.

Start by packing away clothes from other seasons.

Now pack away the clothes that do not fit your capsule colours and patterns.

You should be left with potential items for your capsule wardrobe. Start editing your selection, until you have the number of items you want!

Once your selection is made, try on a few outfits to make sure everything you have chosen fits together!

6 The Finale

Place everything back in the wardrobe and get dressing!


Come say hi on Insta Stories and in the Highlights, where I will be sharing my capsule wardrobe journey:


5 things to consider before starting a capsule:


6 Easy Steps To Your Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe
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