Tomato and Olive Pasta

Tomato and Olive Pasta

Quick. Easy. Delicious.

This recipe is everything I love about food! You can get the ingredients at any shop, its quick, easy and cheap, BUT it is also tasty, comforting and looks awesome on a plate!

It only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish and is done in one pot!!

It is even better with a simple green salad, a grating of parmesan and a glass of wine!

Tomato and Olive Pasta

Serves 2 (double and halve as you wish, but keep an eye on the water)

  • 900 ml boiled water

  • 330 grams of pasta, any pasta (plain, wholewheat or gluten free)

  • 250 grams chopped fresh tomatoes

  • 195 gr Olives

  • Oil from Olives or 100ml olive oil

  • Pinch of salt

  • Chilli to taste (can be left out)

  • Spinach (to taste) (I put in loads as it makes me feel healthy)

  • Handful of Basil


  • Boil your water.

  • Chop tomatoes and olives

  • Add the pasta, chopped tomatoes and olives to your pan . Add your boiled water. Add the olive oil and dash of salt now. Once the water is boiling, let it all simmer for 10 (ish) minutes. Stir every 30 seconds, so that pasta does not get sticky.

  • (The water will start to thicken to create a lovely pasta sauce.)

  • Check your pasta after about 10 minutes and when it has softened to your taste, turn of the heat, stir in the spinach and basil and give it time to soften before plating up.

*You want the water to thicken to a lovely sauce, if you need more water towards the end of cooking, add 50ml at a time

**Check the cooking instructions for your pasta as gluten free and vegan pasta may take longer to cook.

***The stirring is really important here!

**** If your olives come in oil, just use this for the pasta

*****Perfect with a rocket salad and toasted seeds.

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