In Favour of Slow Mornings

In Favour of Slow Mornings

6 am



Alarm !!!



This is how my mornings used to play out, Monday to Friday. It made for stressful and rushed starts to the day. Quick showers and missed breakfasts. Forgotten keys, phones and wallets. It also made for anxious evenings and Sunday blues. And here’s the thing: I loved my jobs and the people I worked with; and yet, I hated my weekday mornings. Dreaded them.

I decided something needed to change and on a whim set my alarm later. 30 minutes later. It seemed to be just what I needed. A bit more sleep and rest. All of a sudden, the sound of my alarm was a little less toxic and I started getting up with the first ring of the alarm.

Strangely, I suddenly had a bit more time. I started having a slow coffee before heading out. I then added a bit of music as I got ready. Within weeks, my mornings were calmer and less stressful. Enjoyable even!

I became a bit more organised and made my own lunches -sometimes. I now used my commute to read, listen to music and message friends and family.

More recently, I have started making all the lists. I use my morning to plan the day! I jot down everything I want to do, list all the actions how and long each will take. I tie this in to my week and monthly plans and it’s been quite the revelation.

And slowly, slowly, I have come to love my mornings. I may be starting my days later and slower, but I am more organised and get things done. Mostly. Some days will never go to plan and emergencies happen!

So, if you find yourself in a space where you dread your mornings, rush around without purpose and find yourself running late all the time… Try the following and see what happens!

Become aware of your current morning routines

Are you hitting snooze too often? Do you faff around on social media? Do you get involved in distracting conversations or start searching for your phone/ wallet and keys every time you leave the flat.

*Is there anything you can change? Do less of ? Improve?

Rethink your alarm

If you find yourself tired at the start of every day… Start playing around with going to bed a bit earlier or waking up a bit later. Tweak this so that you get to a place where you wake up as the alarm goes off and you have enough time to get ready.

*Hitting snooze three times is not getting you ready any earlier! Use this time to actually sleep!


I am an avid fan of making bulk breakfasts and lunches on a Sunday. Left overs are even better!

As you wake up, check weather and traffic updates to plan your journey and outfit.

* I do this on the laptop instead of my phone, as social media distracts me and I end up scrolling Instagram instead!

Add a simple and slow ritual

The best part of my mornings are the simple and slow rituals I have put in place. A tea/ coffee as I sit and plan my day. Chats over breakfast. Music in the background. A little meditation or journaling. Finding quiet!

So how are your mornings? Do you love or hate them? Is there space for slow and how do you implement it! Let me know if I am missing any tricks!

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