How to make that holiday feeling last!

How to make that holiday feeling last!

I love holidays. Getting away from it all. Exploring. Unwinding. De-stressing.

This past weekend we spent time in a tiny, seaside village in Devon. It was chilled and relaxing. We spent our time hiking the country side and walking on the beach. Exploring villages, pubs, restaurants and cafes. We sat outside, watching sunsets with glasses of wine. Went to bed when we were tired and woke up without alarms. It was magical!

I came back to London full of life and enthusiasm. (Three days is all it took!!)

It reminded me, I always come home, wanting to recreate that holiday feeling. It’s (always) a firm decision that quickly dissipates with work, admin and nights out. Within a heartbeat I am stressed out and tired. Complaining about a lack of time. Holiday forgotten, in the minute stressors of the everyday!

But, as I am decluttering my life and my time…It struck me, this is the time to start recreating that holiday vibe at home. I started thinking about what it is that makes a holiday so relaxing (No work) (I know) and how to implement some of these aspects at home.

Here are my top five strategies, to keep that holiday feeling alive, for as long as possible:

Woolecombe , Devon 2019. Slow weekends by the beach, surfing.

1 Get outside more

I spend all of my holidays outside, whether hot or cold. Walking, swimming, hiking and exploring. Having coffees and drinking wine. Then I come home and spend the entire week in an office, in front of the computer. Seeing daylight only at the start and end of the day. It has struck me as quite depressing that I get sucked into this EVERY SINGLE TIME!

It has got me thinking about simple and easy ways to incorporate getting out on a daily basis. Here is a provisional list:

*lunch time walks to a park,

*cycles along the canal (especially since the evenings here are getting brighter)

*meals outside instead of being inside (balcony, garden, park)

*walking, instead of using public transport (even if only part of the journey)

*sitting outside a cafe for a coffee, instead of getting a takeaway (weather permitting!!)

2 Less screen time

This weekend I mostly had my phone on airplane mode. Out of sight in my bag. I barely looked at it. Forgot about social media and did not miss it. It reinforced my belief, that I use my phone too much at home. Especially late afternoon/early evening, when I feel a bit tired and have no energy.

So, I will try and go phone free once a week (eeeek) and have my phone on airplane mode when I don’t need it. I am hoping that my time on it will be more constructive and lead to better habits. At the moment I reach for it too much, too often!

3 The power of one

It struck me, when on holiday, I feel less frazzled. Gone is the harried multitasking of my weekdays. I eat my breakfast leisurely, immerse myself in walks, hikes and conversations. Know when I am hungry, thirsty and tired. I respond to what I need.

So I will be focusing multi tasking less and being more present with what I am doing. This means not having the TV or music, in the background (at all times). Eating without distractions. Walking without distractions. Finishing a task before starting another (such a bad habit!!)…Keeping my thoughts from flitting between topics (all of the time!) .

4 Slow down

When I am in the thick of it, I try and do it all, every day. So this is a gentle reminder, fast and busy do not equal better and more. This is all about slowing down, prioritising what is important and enjoying the moment!

5 Space

I am hoping that the strategies above will lead to the ‘space’ that I feel on holiday. You know, that moment when your subconscious awakens, your thoughts quieten and feelings of overwhelm decrease just a little bit! I believe, in this moment we start relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

What I love about these strategies, they don’t cost anything and should take up no time. Yes, it is a mind-shift. Yes, it will take some getting used to… but it could lead to more time in the day, more focused activities and hopefully a sense of calm and accomplishment!

Do you ever hope the holiday feeling lasts just a bit longer? What strategies do you put in place to make this happen?

*Feeling overwhelmed by life and stuff. Read this little guide to minimalism for everyday inspiration!

Woolacombe, Devon, 2019. Slow weekends surfing on the beach!
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