A Starter Guide To Minimalist Beauty

A Starter Guide To Minimalist Beauty

What do you do, when you become a minimalist, but:

  • You are a maximalist beauty product hoarder

  • You don’t want to bin all your products,

  • but you also want a capsule collection of products

  • You want products with a greener message,

  • but you also want beautiful packaging

  • and reasonable prices

  • When you feel confused and overwhelmed!!

I have been contemplating this for a while. When it comes to beauty products, like so many woman, I have way too much of everything! Too many products, that after the initial disappointment, get put in the ‘beauty drawer‘. Never to be used again. Potions and lotions bought on a whim, without any research. Based on mood, pretty packaging and claims of gorgeous, flawless, wrinkle-free skin. Sound familiar?

With minimalism, the solution is to often to get rid of everything unwanted. To create clear counters and spaces. In this instance it feels wasteful and counter intuitive, because ‘Getting rid‘ does not take into consideration, the reasons behind the mindless and emotional shopping…It does not get rid of the lure of bold claims, beautiful photos and the promise of better!

Instead the answer lies in taking a break from shopping, for more beauty products. A shopping ban. This works really well, because it stops you accumulating more products. It also forces you to finish products. As you work through your stash, you become more aware of textures and ingredients you like and don’t like. You become aware of products you reach for all the time and the products that are never used.

It is also a great time to switch up old routines to see whether you really need the serums, oils, eye creams and moisturisers. A time to question the products you use and the routines you have.

I have already realised that I don’t need foundation, serums or my conditioner. My face and hair are in a better condition since I have stopped using these. I have also noticed that I love a spritz of perfume and a red lipstick. These two items give me the confidence boost, I have searched for in so many other products!

So, if you have just started your minimalist journey and find yourself struggling with EVERYTHING beauty, this guide will help you in your journey to less and simplified beauty.

The Minimalist Beauty Starter Guide:

A starter guide to minimalist beauty

1. Stop shopping for Beauty Products (face, body, hair and makeup)

2. Finish all the products you have stashed away (unless it breaks you out or you have an allergic reaction to it) (obviously!!)

3. Replace only the products that you need and use regularly

4. Research (read up on the company, read reviews, get testers) new products before buying

5. Experiment with simplified routines.

This approach won’t instantly change the way your bathroom and beauty shelves looks. It will feel quite challenging at times as you use products you don’t like (I really dislike the smell of my current face wash, but it does the job and is not breaking me out or causing any reactions. The bottle is absolutely huge, so I will be using it for a while. i am taking notes of what I want for my next purchase).

BUT, a shopping ban, will get you to reflect on what you really want from your products. It will also, embed the intrinsic values of a minimalist approach as you question, simplify and reduce your routine over time!

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A starter guide to minimalist beauty
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