Starter Guide To Minimalist Packing

Starter Guide To Minimalist Packing

Love holidays. Hate packing! Don’t we all! (But also why?)

I always leave packing till the last minute. It used to be a problem as I would panic, throw clothes and toiletries in a bag and hope for the best. Sometimes this worked, but sometimes it went horribly wrong and it always had me packing way tooooo much! Lugging luggage was such a pain. I still shudder when I think of how much I used to pack. All those heavy bags. Keeping everything together. The stress of losing stuff!

Over the years I have refined, perfected and edited my packing.I use the same guidelines for overnight stays, weekends away and longer holidays. I now have a full proof plan to pack minimally and efficiently (even last minute), without losing the style I have, in my day to day life. (In fact my holiday capsule wardrobe is so much more stylish and refined than my actual wardrobe) (I come home after holidays and dream about downscaling everything)

So how can you start packing like a (stylish) minimalist pro, without the last minute panic! Use these four guidelines below and you will be packing and editing like you have been doing it all your life!

Minimalist Flat lay with straw hat on a Longchamp weekender bag. Sunglasses placed on Conde Nast traveller magazine and nude sandals on white bed cover.

1. Check the weather forecast

It sounds so basic, a bit obvious. But how many times have you gotten to a holiday destination with the realisation that you need an umbrella, sunscreen or a warmer top? This will have you packing clothes suited to the actual holiday and eliminate quite a few of the outfits. Being prepared for cold snaps, heat waves, rain or wind means you take anxiety out of your clothing choices. Say goodbye to (awful) last minute panic buys in foreign countries!

2. Know your itinerary

Do a quick assessment of where you are going and the type of activities you will be doing …City break? Seaside get away? Island Hopping? Country walks? Do you need dressier or casual clothing, or a mix of both!

A quick analysis of the holiday makes such an impact on the clothes you reach for and creates a focus on what you will need.

3. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Place your everything you are taking on your bed or on the floor. This includes clothing, footwear, toiletries and extras.

Decide on what you are wearing when traveling (move this to the side)

Place similar items together. This will give you a feel of what you have to much of, where you are lacking.

A golden rule for editing: When in doubt, don’t take it.

If you have time, try the outfits and accessories. Sounds a bit over the top but its a great way to see which outfits work and where you need to make changes.

Decant toiletries. Simplify routines. Use multi use products!

4. Post holiday Reflection

As you unpack, reflect what you wore, what you didn’t and whether you were missing anything. Make a mental note for future trips. I have been doing this for years and after every trip I make a mental note for future getaways. (Some post reflection has led to me packing a deck of cards for longer holidays , a nice jumper for colder evenings by the seaside and a sturdy rain jacket for rainy weekends and because I never wear them, ditching high heels on holiday).


Are you ready to start the edit?

What do you struggle with when it comes to packing minimally?

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