Why I started a Shopping Ban

Why I started a Shopping Ban

At the start of this year, I made it my mission to live slower, with intention, and embrace a (more) minimal lifestyle.

The reasons for this change are wide ranging but essentially my energy was drained, I felt uninspired and stuck! Something needed to change. I needed to change !! https://www.thiscitything.com/home/january-blues-and-healing-rituals

I have slowly started making small changes and the results have been astonishing. I have also noticed some habits are harder to change: my relationship with my phone, doing one thing at a time, listening to my body and saying no to distractions.

What has really stood out though, is my relationship with shopping, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes, beauty products and books. It is out of control and has been for a while. I seemingly purchase ‘stuff’ on a whim and when I am feeling down and in need a lift, a bit of a boost.

I won’t lie, the initial high from these purchases feels great (!) but this is often outweighed by the (low level; constant) guilt and anxiety I feel afterwards. I feel bad about clothes that don’t (really) fit or suit me (floral dresses, ankle boots and patterns!!). The space purchases take up, especially if I don’t use them. I feel bad about books I am not reading, magazines left unopened and lipsticks that never leave my bathroom… Sound familiar! (Just me??)

I have also become more conscious of the impact, mindless shopping is having on the environment (landfills, plastic!!, waste). Deeply aware my habits are exacerbating these concerns and contributing to the problem, has only heightened my guilt. But I am also not immune (ha…understatement) to great advertising, marketing and packaging. I fall for it hook, line and sinker…every time!

And so between the guilt and anxiety I have decided to give myself a break from shopping; focusing on clothes, beauty products or books!! These are my shopping Achilles heel! When I spoke to friends the list varied for everyone: food, take away coffees and meals , the newest and latest technology, house stuff and children’s clothing and toys.

I felt a bit uncertain about the length of this shopping ban, but have settled on my end date as 1 January 2020. 10 Months. Long enough to make an impact and short enough not to be too restrictive (hopefully).

I have spent quite a while contemplating why I am doing this. I hope to come back to these reasons in moments of weakness.

Why a shopping ban?

Why I Started a Shopping Ban
  • Regain control over shopping.

I want to make conscious and deliberate choices that will last, be used and enjoyed. Choices that won’t harm the environment

  • Uncluttered and organised living space

A living space that is stress free and easy on the eye. We live in a really small flat, storage is limited and it has started to feel crowded. There are (unread) books piled high in all the rooms, beauty products stuffed into the bathroom cabinets and clothes bulging out of my wardrobe! Its a look that says messy. I don’t like and it needs to change!

  • Increased appreciation and use of stuff

I want to use this time to read all the books, experiment with the clothes and makeup I have. I want this year to be a celebration of the things I already own, to stop the cycle of wanting more and more.

The one rule for my shopping ban

No shopping for:


beauty products,

books and


(unless I run out of products or need a replacement item. A replacement can only be bought if there are no alternatives already lurking in the cupboards)

My thoughts so far:

Will it be hard? I don’t know. Possibly…Yes!

Will it change the way I shop? I really hope so!

Over to you?

Would you ever go on a shopping ban? Do you have anything you would like to gain control over?


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