Perfectly Delicious Crepe Recipe

Perfectly Delicious Crepe Recipe

For me Crepes (in afrikaans known as Pannekoek) are a thing of nostalgia. The mere whiff of cinnamon, takes me back to distant days of small town fairs, sports events and church fêtes. The baking sun. Everyone queuing up with their small change. The excitement building. I can still feel my mouth watering, in anticipation, as gorgeously heady cinnamon-sugar aromas float by…and when you finally get hold of your crepe, greedily consuming it in seconds whilst hot hot hot! Always leaving you wanting more!

And so these beautifully, delicate crepes stayed with me as a treat to have once in a while. Never to make at home. In my mind they were fiddly, difficult and just too much of a hassle. To have out. Yes! To make at home. Nah!

Then I spent Pancake Day with family and in minutes I was converted! Since then I have been ‘slightly’ obsessed, in my mission to recreate childhood memories (Leon and Zoe this has been completely stolen from you!!)

I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to realise, crepes suit my cooking philosophy perfectly: a hint of comfort, quick and easy, with minimal ingredients (things you have in your fridge and kitchen cupboards anyway). Great as a savoury dish and perfect as a simple dessert or treat.

Needless to say, I have been experimenting quite a bit to get the combination just right. In search of the perfect recipe, I have made everyone taste my various versions… and this is the one: The crepes are perfect every SINGLE time.

Easy take on the Classic Crepe Recipe

So, before you start, here are my top tips for crepe perfection:

*The batter should be a thin, single cream consistency. Anything ‘thinner‘ and it gets difficult to handlle. Thicker and the batter becomes stodgy, does not spread quickly enough and comes out thicker.

*Make sure your pan is hot to start. Put the heat on your highest setting and turn to a medium heat just before you pour in the batter for the first pancake.

*Cook the batter through, before flipping. (roughly 1 minute a side). Could be a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on your cooker. This will prevent any ‘scrambled pancakes‘ disasters!

*I used a 24cm pan. It makes for a nice sized pancake that is quite easy to manage. A soup spoon (laddle) to transfer the batter and a spatula to turn the pancakes.

*Pancakes microwave easily if you want to eat them warm. 10/20 seconds should be enough depending on how many you are heating in one go. Or keep them (on a plate) in the oven at a low temperature whilst cooking.

Crepe Recipe (for beautifully, delicious crepes every single time!)

Crepe Recipe

Amount made: 6 Crepes (depending on the size of the pan)

Time: 25 Minutes (less or more depending on the filling you use)


  • 140 gr plain flour

  • 2 Eggs

  • 300 ml milk

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable/sunflower oil

  • pinch of salt and sugar

  • Oil for pan


  • Add the flour to a bowl.

  • Crack both eggs into the flour.

  • Add your oil, salt and sugar

  • Add half the milk

  • Whisk or blend the ingredients together, until you have a smooth batter that feels quite thick.

  • Add the rest of the milk and whisk, until you have a very smooth liquid.

Let the batter rest, while you get your ingredients for the filling sorted. Once this is done:

  • Get your pan really hot by putting it on the highest temperature. Turn to a medium heat before you pour the batter for the first pancake.

  • Coat pan with oil. Make this really sparse as you don’t want oily Crepes

  • Use a ladle to spoon the mixture into pan. Use the first pancake to see how much batter is needed.

  • Once the batter is in the pan, swivel the pan gently so that pancake is even. Heat through until the bottom is golden (about 60 seconds) and turn with a slotted turner (spatula). Heat until brown spots appear (roughly 40 seconds ).

  • Transfer to a plate

  • Repeat until the batter is finished.

The Fillings

Easy Crepe Recipe

Classic Crepe

Lemon, cinnamon and brown sugar ( Anytime, anywhere. This combination is sheer perfection.)

Savoury Crepe

Smoked salmon, creme cheese, dill and lemon (Great with coffee for a decadent breakfast. Even better on a warm, summer’s night with a glass of rosé)

Savoury Crepes! Salmon, Cream cheese , dill and lemon. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner

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