Shopping Ban Update: The Clothes

Shopping Ban Update: The Clothes

Four months and still going strong!

If I have to be really honest, I started my spending ban with no real plan. It was more a realisation that I had too much!!! I also like a challenge, and everyone who completed their no-spend challenge, highlighted it changed the way they shop. This made me wonder whether a shopping ban would do the same for me…

Four months into this 10 month challenge, and the answer is (absolutely) YES! The profound effect, of taking a step back from shopping, has made me appreciate what I have and use. I have rediscovered amazing products. I have read most of the books lying around our flat. Instead of shopping for new clothes, I have worn and experimented with my own. I am shopping in my own apartment and love it!

Yes, I still have the urge to shop, but when this happens, I actively take a step back. I have a cup of tea. Contemplate it for a bit and then move on to something else! A bit of self therapy and it has been working like a charm.

I have also (slowly) discovered that my clothes can be divided into three categories. These have surprised me, and have changed the way I view my clothes and what I look for.

Three Categories Of Clothing

1 The hard wearing basics

  • This what I call the clothes I wear all the time… Plain t-shirts with skinny jeans. All year round. Most days! I wear these with sandals, trainers or boots. I layer them with warmer tops, pashminas and coats. I roll them up in summer and down in winter. These are the items I work in. Dress up or down to suit the occasion. What I take on holiday.

  • Denim is a big feature in this category as my denim skirt, dress and shirt make it in as well! They are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and layered for cooler temperatures.

  • I am also drawn to vivid block colours and love a mustard yellow and cherry red. I am obsessed with a stripe and animal print!

…and a jacket. I love a beautiful jacket!

Nothing about these items, is exactly exciting, but they are what I reach for time and time again (daily). I suppose I have come to realise that these are the items that define my style.

2 The needed extras

These are items I don’t wear often, but need in my wardrobe. They include an extra thick winter coat, snow boots, bathing suit and light summer items. Hiking boots. Again, there is nothing exciting about these items, but when it’s snowing: you want warm, waterproof basics to protect you from the biting cold. Ditto when you are in 40 degree heat. Or when you are hiking up a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

3 The bulk

Interestingly, this is where I thought my signature style lay. The clothes I spent most of my money and energy on. Items bought because they are beautiful! Usually ending up, stuffed, at the back of my cupboard. Too small, too big and flashy…not quite right. The items that don’t (quite) suit my life. Long, floaty dresses I never wear. Tops that look amazing in the shops, but make me look a bit dowdy. Uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes Hems too long or short. Items bought to boost my confidence. Change my style. Bought on a whim, without real thought.

Seeing my clothes in these three categories, has been eye opening and has shifted my focus when it comes to my clothes (and eventually buying clothes again). The importance now lies with the basics. I have started selling quite a few ‘bulk‘ items, I have never really worn. I have more space in my wardrobe and more choice. Replacements are bought after great consideration to colour, fit and quality.

I have also become aware of a few gaps in my wardrobe. The items I think about/miss when I am putting an outfit together. I have started a very short list for when my shopping ban ends. ( A versatile dress and faded black jean shirt)(if you must know).

And so my no-spend challenge, has definitely reshaped my relationship, with the clothes I wear. What I am drawn to when shopping and why… I am now contemplating my obsession with long, floral dresses that don’t suit me at all? I cannot walk past a whimsical floral! The more inappropriate to my life, the greater the draw! Why?

Have you completed a long shopping ban? Are you contemplating it? Let me know in the comments, Facebook or Insta!


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