Slow and Simple Autumn

Slow and Simple Autumn

Seasonal living in the city can be difficult. Early starts, long underground commutes and late nights, mean our days and weeks blend into one, as we move from one building to the next, without seeing daylight and nature. In our haste, we miss the yellowing of leaves in autumn and the first blossoms of spring. We don’t stop or slow down and this leaves us in conflict with nature. Especially during the colder months.

Embracing the seasons should not be difficult or time consuming. It’s all about noticing what is going on around us, adjusting to different times of the year. It's slowing down in winter and embracing the sun in summer.

And this brings me to AUTUMN. The season of bittersweet: the last of the sunny days fading away, long lingering shadows and the cooling temperatures getting us ready for winter. We often miss the signs and feel shocked when it’s winter and we are cold, tired and getting ill!

What can we do to slow down and embrace autumn?

Slow and Simple Autumn
  • Embrace the Sunny Days

Early starts and late nights mean we often see this time as a cold time of year, when in fact, the midday sun can still be beautifully warm.

To make the most of these days, get outside during your lunch time. It could be a quick walk or eating lunch in the park. Coffee with a friend. Not only will you be topping up your Vitamin D, getting outside will give you a break and fresh air. Perfect for the afternoon ahead!

  • Notice the Changes

So you are outside and your mind is racing. So much to do and so little time. Take a deep breath and notice the little things. That nip in the air. The sun on your face. The yellowing of leaves. The shadows becoming longer. Darker mornings and nights.

If you can: Take a walk in a park, by the river or along the canal. Being close to nature allows us to see the seasonal shifts as they happen. It also prepares us mentally for the weather changing, so we are not shocked and horrified when winter comes.

  • Adapt your Wardrobe

Autumn like spring, is all about the layering, as the weather fluctuates between warm and cold. Be prepared for this by adding a few knits, longer tops and jackets to your wardrobe. Get your boots and warm socks out. Layering means you never feel too hot or too cold, regulating your body heat and preventing illness.

  • Seasonal Foods

Autumn means apples and pears. It’s also the season for figs. Pumpkins, potatoes and cauliflower come into season as well as a dark leafy vegetables!

The aromas of cinnamon and cardamom were made for this season!

  • Move Indoors

After a summer of being outside, it’s time to move back inside. Slowly, as the start of autumn can often be quite warm.

This is the season to prepare your home for the colder months. Invest in lovely blankets. Knits. Candles. Books, magazines and games. Prep the kitchen with nice teas and your favourite chocolate. Staying indoors is always more appealing if you are prepared for it!

Start researching your favourite galleries and exhibitions. Book tickets to a play or a gig. Being indoors does not need to be dull!

  • Add an Autumnal Ritual

This the perfect time to slow down your pace and take time for yourself. Add in a ritual to help you slow down. It could be a long walk over the weekend. The peace and quiet of your first coffee or tea in the morning. Listening to your favourite songs after work. Add a gorgeous oil to add to your shower. Go for a massage. Journaling... Add this ritual into your days or week. Make it routine! Something to look forward to!


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Slow and Simple Autumn
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