Slow London Summer

Slow London Summer

Ahhh, summer in London. A season that is hugely anticipated, but also fleeting and fractured!

Needless to say, I love London in summer, however fleeting it may be. The sunny days. Blue skies. Lido’s. Shorts and t-shirts. Parks. Balcony dinners . Picnics. Listening to music long after the sun sets. Rosé. All the Gelato. Reading books, under trees. Open windows. That beautiful cooling breeze and icy, cold drinks.

The city really comes into its own during this time, making it easy for us to slow down and get into nature. Outside spaces fill up, we edge to the water. Meals become gatherings, that last for hours and we all take to walking, running and cycling along the canal and river paths.

My favourite ways to slow down in summer include:

  • Brunching (outside)

Slow London Summers

What is not to love about a long, stretched out brunch, in the sunshine. All the breakfast food. Fresh orange juice. Coffee and Tea. A newspaper, music and good conversation. Pure Bliss!

  • Impromptu picnics in the park

Impromptu, because London weather!

Keep it simple by taking your lunch and dinner to a local park or …

Go all out with: picnic blankets, great bread, cheese and salads. Bottles of wine. Add a few friends and lots of chatting. Maybe a round of cricket. Stay long after the sun sets. Move it all to the closest pub and continue long into the night.

*Primrose Hill is my park of choice for a weekend picnic, as the views of London are incredible.

  • Cool down by the water

Slow London Summer

Summer in London, means getting close to the water, whether the river, canals, lidos or fresh water ponds. I love walking along the canal and am keen to take a dip in the natural ponds on Hampstead Heath this year!

  • Lazy pub garden days

Slow London Summer’s

To be a Londoner, is to have a favourite pub, for everything. And finding the perfect pub-garden, on a beautiful summers evening, is a must!

Pub gardens to explore include:

The Union Tavern , Westbourne Park, for great canal views.

Parlour, Kensal Rise, is tiny but perfect for a slow meals and afternoon drinking.

The Albion, Islington, is great for soaking up the summer sun.

  • Easy meals

Slow London Summers

Summer is all about quick and easy flavour combinations. Salmon and Dill. Lemons. Tomatoes. SALADS. Rotisserie Chicken. Plates of cheese. Delicious bread. All the herbs!

Time out

Not just for summer, but so important! City living can get hectic and it is in these moments that it’s important to make time for yourself! Schedule in a weekly ‘time-out’, whether it is an exercise class, sitting in the park, going for a coffee or booking a massage…Make yourself a priority!


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The Weekend Edit: London Summer

The Weekend Edit: London Summer

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