Stuck In A Weekend Rut

Stuck In A Weekend Rut

Do you love the Weekend?

I know I do!

And yet I have felt myself getting into a bit of rut. I could blame the weather, the fact that I am tired and just uninspired but for a few months, my weekends became a bit dull, a bit samey. No plans, no excitement…Mehl!

So to get out of my rut I started getting out, making plans and really making an effort to take in this beautiful city. These plans became my list, things I look forward to doing as it’s easy, requires very little planning and is mostly weather proof.

It can be done alone or with others. Perfect, I hear you say! And it is!! It has changed my outlook on weekends. I try and do at least two things on the list and find that I am enjoying weekends more and more!

The definitive weekend list:

  • Find a local coffee spot and make it yours

    A place where they will recognise you, where you can have a chit chat, recognise others or just contemplate life. The more you go, the easier it gets. Magic! This is a great way to caffeinate (is this even a word). A place just for you or to meet friends. I have discovered Cable, a ten minute walk from home, always buzzy and they make the perfect Americano. My Saturday and Sunday coffee search is officially over! Have you found yours yet?

  • Get walking

    Not much planning is needed for this as London (any place really) is best discovered on foot (yes? no?). I love walking along the canal, chilling in a park or making my way to the Thames. When tired of walking there is always, BUT ALWAYS a coffee spot or pub close by. Variations of this include cycling along the canal, in a park, organising a picnic or finding a sunny spot to while the time away. Great for the soul and the mind. I never regret this as the fresh air gets my blood flowing. Some great spots include Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Regents canal. Get ready to feel the London Love!

  • Find a quiet gallery or museum

    I like the Tate Britain, Photographers Gallery and Barbican for a bit of a cultural vibe. The spaces are always interesting, have great gift shops and awesome little cafes.

  • Loose yourself in a quirky independent bookshop

    London has so many and my favourites include:   Bricklane Bookshop, Lutyens and Rubenstein, Artwords and of course, Daunts Bookshop. These bookshops are often in interesting areas, so have a browse in the bookshop and area.

  • Explore new areas

    Just pick an area and Citymapper your way there. Do a bit of research, so you know what the area has to offer, and off you go. Richmond, Greenwich, Dalston, Bermondsey, Islington, Peckham or Hamstead Village... What’s stopping you?

  • Weekend markets

    Great for people watching, free nibbles (always a bonus) and local produce. I love the good and great markets of London (here’s looking at you Columbia Flower Market, Borough and Greenwich) but sometimes I cannot be asked and end up at my local farmers market with a coffee and a quiche for later. Add fresh fruit and veg and I am sorted for the week!

  • Exercise. 

    Now is the the time to go for that leisurely cycle, run along the Thames, yoga course or climbing session. You know, the stuff you are too tired to do during the week. Not only does it get you out, it gets your heart pumping and your sweat flowing. All good for the soul and the physique. I love a good climbing session on a Sunday, trying new climbing walls a little bit further away, meeting up with friends and making a day of it. (FYI I am not very good at it but its sooo much fun)

  • Sign up to a course.

    Now this does take a bit of planning. But last year I did a beginners yoga course and signed up to learn the basics of French. Both courses got me out of the house early on a Saturday and into the weekend with a bang. Serious or fun there is nothing like learning a new skill to get you out of a rut.

  • So this list would not be complete without Brunching.

    Is there anything better than getting up with no alarm, getting ready for a brunch with your besties! London is always upping its brunch game and current favourites are Milk Beach, The Wolsey (always), Dishoom and Caravan. These need a bit of planning but when you do it a bit last minute, find a local cafe and get there before 10.30. This works. Every. Single. Time!

So are you ready to get up and out! Do you have any failsafe weekend tips? Let me know what you get up to over the weekend?

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