Surviving and Thriving this Festive Season

Surviving and Thriving this Festive Season

I love Christmas in London.

Everyone just seems nicer. There is chocolate everywhere, mulled wine and spiced cider. I start to bribe myself with warmed mince pies and tea (yes, that easy! ). The colourful lights make the dark mornings and cold evenings bearable…romantic even.

BUT December also means PARTIES, meet-ups and pub nights. Rich foods, Desserts and way too much wine and bubbly, and I love it! So much…

So in the spirit of enjoying December and not burning out, I will be making use of the following five strategies:

  • Keeping Hydrated

Simple I hear you say, and yet … When it gets colder I completely forget to drink water. This year I have stocked up on Pukka Herbal teas to sip during the day, as well as keeping my water bottle close (it’s bright pink so I don’t forget about it and small enough to fit in my backpack).

  • Cooking Light Meals

To counter the rich food, sugar and alcohol consumed I will be making easy, simple and nutritious meals. I am thinking veggie stews, stir-fries and soups. Lots of porridge and hot smoothies.

  • Scheduling nights in to recharge and recover.

I am counter balancing my party ways with a bit of r&r; reading, box sets, hot baths and early nights (remind me, why am I even going out!)

  • Natural light.

I have realised over the years that I *need* natural light as my mood dips when the days become shorter. So this year I am scheduling in lunchtime walks to get a bit of sunlight and Vit D.

  • Practicing kindness

To others and yourself. It is so easy at this time of year to start comparing what you have and don’t, leading to darker moments, irresponsible spending and irrational thoughts. So this year I am spending time with good friends, going for walks and focusing on WHO instead of the WHAT.

How are you spending December? What strategies work for you?

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