The Weekend Edit: Paradise Sessions

The Weekend Edit: Paradise Sessions

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I am currently hiding away from life, at my parent’s place in Paradise Beach, South Africa. I have been here for a week and will be here for a few more. We are slowly finding our pace. Them: adjusting to having another soul in their space. Me: being back home for a more than a few days.

And yes, this definitely is Paradise. The beautiful beach, is always near deserted and the walks here a dream! A meditation in nature. There is something beautiful and awe inducing, being surrounded by wild, crashing waves… Not another soul in sight. It takes my breath away. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The Weekend Edit: Paradise Sessions

I have to add it is winter here, and boy have I forgotten how cold it can get (The summer heat of Tarifa, a distant dream!). Especially on wet, windy days where the sun disappears. The cold finds it’s way into your bones. A feeling I have long forgotten and have been quite unprepared for. It’s the first time I have been home for winter, in 15 years, and I have to admit, I started to associate ‘home‘ with heat and sun.

And in this winter chill I have embraced SLOW. I get up early with the sun, stay in bed because it is cold. Drink lots of coffees and slowly come to life. Each of us in our own bubble, doing our own thing coming together for a tea or chat.

Weather permitting I do a beach walk. Coffee shops. A bit of writing and lots of reading. At night we cook. We eat together and chat over a bottle of wine. We huddle under blankets. Watch a bit of TV. Slowly we drift to bed. It’s bliss!

I have to add that I have a new appreciation for the humble hot water bottle, my cashmere socks and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour Cream (lasts forever and can be used on everything. lips, elbows, cuticles, feet)!!

Three things I have loved this week:

The Weekend Edit: Paradise Session
  • Slow Fashion

I read this Guardian article on Slow Fashion Pioneers, a couple of weeks ago and it has stayed with me. I love the idea of wearing clothing for years and would like my clothing to tell tales one day as well! Do you have an item of clothing that has seen life with you? An item that is both comforting and comfortable. The one item you would save in a fire!

  • How to Fail

I am currently obsessed with this the podcast, How to Fail by Elizabeth Day. Every week she interviews someone, who is well known (in the UK), about their failures. It is a gripping listen, as people you admire open up about their failures. This week the interview is with Nigel Slater and it was literally the highlight of my week. It’s heart breaking and funny all at the same time!

  • A Good Read

I am fully engrossed in Ordinary People by Diane Evans. Two couples, two struggling relationships and nothing is straightforward. A hard (yet kind) look at love , the mundane, grief and the unfulfilled dreams we live with. Loving this so far and find myself just reading one more page….


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