The Weekend Edit: It's a heatwave!

The Weekend Edit: It's a heatwave!

This has been quite a busy week for me, but as I look back over the past few days, it all seems dim and distant. The words not quite ready and my thoughts a jumbled mess. Writing and thinking difficult.

This could be because of the hazy, hot summer days we are experiencing, where temperatures have reached the heady levels of 39 degrees. Days that are increasingly languid and slow. Activities relegated to early mornings and late evenings.

It could also be, because Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, and I feel increasingly panicked and angry at this political landscape. The cacophony of the lies and hatred that make up Brexit, has clouded the last two years. At first a distant nightmare, it transpired into real life. A vote that seemed too bonkers to ever happen…Happened! His inevitable appointment, feels like the culmination of all the diabolical events, of the last two years. Where we go from here, feels dark and murky. Grim. Bleak!

And so i have been escaping real life, by deep diving into fiction, podcasts, music and magazine articles and avoiding all the news!

The Edit:

The Weekend Edit: It’s a heatwave!

Current Food obsession: Tomatoes

When the temperatures soar, I start craving tomatoes. I am currently obsessed with the zesty, sweet, summery flavours of tomato, lemon and basil.

I leave you with this Anna Jones recipe, for baked feta and tomato salad. Beautiful simplicity. I have been making it for a while and it’s just perfect. I always serve with it with toasted sourdough!

Pensive Read: You think it, I’ll say it by Curtis Sittenfeld

I won’t lie. I picked up this selection of short stories, because of the title and the bright yellow cover.

Reading these short stories feels more like reading snippets of the characters lives, their dirty secrets . The thoughts, feeling and actions they would rather hide than show. And it is utterly compelling.

The weekend edit: It’s a heatwave!

The podcast: Happy Place interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

This podcast is for all my fellow Elizabeth Gilbert fans. I just finished City of Girls, when this podcast popped up in my inbox. I dropped everything to listen and it did not disappoint. She talks openly about her books, creativity love, failure and grief.

The list : Booker Prize Long list

The publication of the Booker Prize Long-list is the highlight of my summer. (I know, I know), (I really need a life). I have already read My Sister The Serial Killer and whilst I really liked it, felt that it could be about five chapters longer. I have ordered all the other books (from the library, not amazon) and wait with baited breath. Is anyone else attempting to read the whole list!?! (Let me know)

Salted Caramel M&M’s

I just discovered these after a bad nights sleep. I was in need of energy and something sweet. This popped into my view and I could not resist. I am now in serious trouble and not allowed near the sweets isle in my local Sainsburys.

The Weekend Edit: It’s a heatwave!

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 St John Neal's Yard Bakery

St John Neal's Yard Bakery

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