Weekend edit: Beauty Bites

Weekend edit: Beauty Bites

This week we take a look at beauty and give it a minimalist and sustainable twist.

The Scent

When it comes to Perfume and Branding, Le Labo has it all. The Fragrances are insanely beautiful and the packaging a minimalist dream. Thé Noir 29 is great for colder days and Bergamote 22, a gorgeous citrus for warmer days. Ylang 49 is great for all seasons. (Added to this no plastic in their packaging and they refill the bottles in store…at a discount!!). Chic and sustainable!

Weekend Edit: Beauty Bites


Into the Gloss’ Top Shelf is the stuff of beauty dreams. A peak into someone else’s life and career. Their bathroom shelves… and their favourite products, rituals and treatments. Compulsive reading and a highlight when it pops up in my feed! I cannot recommend this enough!

The Animation

The Story of Cosmetics takes a look at the Beauty Industry and especially the harmful, unregulated ingredients in products. Need some inspiration to go greener and cleaner. This is the one for you!

The Book

The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke, is a beautiful book packed with information on organic skincare, botanical beauty rituals and clean cosmetics. A great read for anyone making the leap to organic beauty. (Imelda is also the owner of my favourite shop Content Wellbeing which focuses on sustainable beauty and fashion)

The Weekend Edit: Beauty Bites

Beauty icon

The Red Lip, makes it into this week’s hall of fame. Iconic Minimalist Beauty Perfection!

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