Winter Blues and the Magic of Rituals

Winter Blues and the Magic of Rituals

Okay, so I have to admit, I don’t really like January (no shocking revelation but I wanted to share it, just so you know).

December is always a blast, but by the time January pops around, its all a bit MEH. I want to stay in bed for the entire month… sleeping, eating chocolate, drinking tea and reading books.

The weather is miserable. Just MISERABLE. Everyone is on some kind of health kick (do not talk to me about Dry January, Veganuary or No Spend January) (and yes, I judge, even though I have dabbled) (Its just so, so boring).

Friends disappear, only to resurface in February. The month is as long, as it is dull. I start dreaming about living somewhere hot, holidays by the sea and sunny beaches.

The start of this year has been particularly difficult, but instead of dreaming about sunnier places, it had me contemplating what I can do to feel better ‘now‘, ‘here‘. So I have decided to step up my Winter Ritual game. Yes, Winter Rituals. They are a thing!

I started dabbling with mine, when I first moved to the UK. I was ill equipped for the winter I faced. The perpetual cold, grey and rain was soul destroying. I needed something to look forward to and it needed to be easy, inexpensive and had to make me feel better. I quickly realised my ‘winter rituals’, were key to my mental and physical health and so these rituals have developed and evolved every year. And yet, whilst I love these little rituals, they can find themselves forgotten as I work late, get tired and feel run down.

So this year, I am cozying up the flat, making sure it is somewhere I want to be. Calm, bright and tidy. I have taken to buying even more plants and flowers, my reading corner now has some added candles and the winter blankets have been taken out of storage, along with my slippers and comfy pyjamas.

Some of my favourite winter rituals include:

  • Reading my favourite books , on the sofa, under a blanket, with tea, chocolates and biscuits.

  • Cancelling all my plans and relaxing into a steaming-hot bath with Epsom salts and all the bath oils I can find (who am I kidding, its all about the Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil). Add a few candles, a bit of music. (I am literally never leaving this flat again.)

  • Cooking up all the stews, curries and soups. Oooh and hot, steaming bowls of porridge with maple syrup! (Is bowl food the official the food of January?).

  • Finding and rediscovering great pubs with fireplaces, drinking red wine and eating Sundays Roasts. Brunching is also allowed and so are cafes for amazing coffee, cake and a bit of gossip!

I started this year with a new years resolution to live life slower. My winter rituals are fitting in nicely with this. Instead of rushing around, I have been savouring my first coffee of the day. I am eating lunch without distractions. Listening to music and singing along to my favourite songs. Reading my favourite books. Spending time with friends and family, taking long walks in the parks and just chilling out!

What are you doing to make winter and the start of the year slightly more bearable?

Life Essentials: Tea

Life Essentials: Tea

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Lets start this conversation!